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5 ml., in biophotonic black glass


Santalum spicatum

Sandalwood spicatum grows and is harvested in Australia, producing a steam-distilled oil that is very similar to the Mysore Santalum album oil, but with a slight spice-like undertone.  Sandalwood has a sweet, warm, subtle, sensual aroma, and its properties are grounding, purifying, euphoric and aphrodisiac.  It is the oil of choice for soothing an agitated nervous system and restoring equilibrium and mental balance.  

Blends well with:  rose, jasmine, neroli, lavender, bergamot, geranium

Major constituents:  alpha-santalol, beta-santalol, santene, santalene



    5 ml bottle, packaged in biophotonic black glass

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