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- About Our Brand -

With 35 years experience in the essential oil field, Sub Rosa is a unique, vertically integrated company dedicated to providing the highest quality of essential oils in the marketplace.  Our long-standing partnerships with farmers, growers and our family of trusted, expert suppliers, together with our rigorous quality control standards, ensure that our line of essential oils is of exceptional quality.  We package our oils in biophotonic black glass, which admits only UV and IF light frequencies, protecting and enhancing the precious oils.  Sub Rosa oils are available online, and can be purchased direct as needed, without any minimums or obligations.  We are committed to education on essential oils and phytotherapy, and regularly provide educational content in the form of articles, podcasts and social media.  Our goal is to provide our customers with the tools to create perfect health for themselves and their families.

- About Our Products -

Sub Rosa Apothecary is excited to introduce our health and wellness brand at our new store at Point Happy in La Quinta!  In addition to 100 pure essential oils and rare absolutes, we offer synergistic blends and a range of hydrosols, many created from local plants and herbs.  We feature skin-nourishing massage oils, silky lotions and special facial skincare treatment products containing organic aloe vera, pure coconut oil and desert minerals, as well as handmade soaps, relaxing bath salts and gorgeous candles.  We include a full range of CBD products, tested and selected from the most knowledgeable companies in the industry. Our ‘Silk Road’ treasures from around the world include antique fabric throws, ornate lanterns, exquisite jewelry and healthful gifts for the home.  Sub Rosa Apothecary promises to be an ever-evolving, enchanting store which you will want to visit again and again!       

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