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3 ml., in biophotonic black glass


Citrus aurantium

Neroli is a costly oil due to the small amount obtained through steam distillation of the fresh blossoms of the sweet orange tree.  The aroma is fresh, green and fruity/floral.  Neroli is a much-loved fragrance that is calming to the mind and nervous system, having euphoric, uplifting and restorative properties.  One to two drops can be worn as a skin perfume that is both hypnotic and aphrodisiac.  

Blends well with: jasmine, rose, lavender, sandalwood, orange, lemon

Major constituents:  alpha-pinene, nerol, farnesol, geraniol, linalool


    Citrus aurantium

    soothing, uplifting, antidepressant

    3 ml bottle, packaged in biophotonic glass

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