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Magic Fairy Candle—Well Being

Magic Fairy Candle—Well Being


Essential oils featured in Well Being are Lavender, Sage and Peppermint.

Magic Fairy candles are crafted by hand by candle artisans in Longmont, Colorado, using non-gmm soy wax, cotton wicks and pure essential oils.  Each candle contains a clear quartz crystal to magnify energies.  The plant-derived wax is the perfect ‘carrier’ for essential oils, and the low burn temperature ensures that the therapeutic values of the oils remain intact, as does the wooden lid closure when the candle is not lit.  When lit, the soy wax burns at just three degrees above body temperature, and the liquid soy can be massaged into the skin to soothe and moisturize without feeling sticky.  The soy itself is a pure source of omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants which are nutritious for skin.  These long-burning candles bring a healing, elevated energy to your home or office.

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